Our Story

Bill and Meredith’s story began more than ten years ago when they met during their freshman year at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute in Troy, NY. They both lived in Bray Hall, Bill on the first floor and Meredith on the second. They began dating around the start of the second semester, after Bill had Meredith's roommate Tressa set them up. Their first "date" combined Bill's love of movies and Meredith's love of ice hockey, when they watched Mystery, Alaska. 

They dated on and off throughout sophomore and junior years, where they shared many adventures from concerts to hockey games and Phi Sigma Kappa events. Senior year they reconnected and got more serious, Bill thinks this was due to the addition of Marley, their beloved rottweiler mix. 

After graduation, they continued a long distance relationship while Meredith got her masters degree from Texas A&M in Civil Engineering and Bill moved back to the Philadelphia area to began working in the IT department for Allied Mortgage Group. Over the next year and a half there were many trips back and forth for both including minivacations to Meredith's hometown of Quincy, MA, Austin, TX for SxSW, San Antonio for tubing and the Riverwalk. When Meredith graduated, they took a cross country trip driving from College Station, TX to New Orleans, up the Mississippi River to Nashville (Graceland) , St. Louis (Anheiser Busch HQ), Louisville (Maker's Mark Distillery), Cleveland (Rock & Roll Hall of Fame), Canton (NFL Hall of Fame), Pittsburgh, and finally back home in time for the holidays. 

Bill and Meredith lived apart for another year while Meredith worked for CDM in Edison, NJ and Bill continued to work for Allied Mortgage. Once Bill bought a house, Meredith finally decided to bite the bullet and move to Philly, where she began working for Malcolm Pirnie. They have lived together happily for the past four years, enjoying football and baseball games, great Philly restaurants, running and biking on the river drives.