Our Engagement


For Bill and Meredith’s 4th anniversary of living together (the only anniversary they can pinpoint), Bill and Meredith went out to celebrate at Chifa during Philly's center city restaurant week.  Before the meal started, Bill gave Meredith a gift certificate to the Spa at the Four Seasons hotel for a full spa day package.  The certificate was for February 11, 2012.  Bill dropped off Meredith at the Four Seasons Hotel, while Meredith suspected nothing. As Meredith’s treatments were finishing up, the masseuse told Meredith she forgot something and she had to step outside for a moment. Much to Meredith's surprise, Bill entered with a plate of chocolate cover strawberries and written in chocolate the words, ‘Will You Marry Me?’ and champagne to celebrate.  Utterly shocked and nearly speechless, Meredith tearily accepted the proposal. Later the newly engaged couple walked to LOVE park to take pictures against the scenic background of the Ben Franklin Parkway and Philadelphia Art Museum. They were later joined for lunch with friends and family to celebrate.